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  • Nanki Shirahama

    • About 3 minutes by car from Shirahamakan

      Underwater Observatory

      Offshore 100 m, Height 18 m, Weatherproof type observation tower with a depth of 6 m.
      Approximately 30 kinds of fish including tropical fish, chin, gray, cassava etc. can be appreciated.
      Special discount tickets are prepared in the room.

      Opening Hours :
      From 9:00 to 16:30(Last entry 16:00)
      Duration: 30 minutes
      Charge: Adult 800 yen Child 500 yen
    • In front of the hotel


      A shallow beach with an extension of 600 m.
      Quartz sand containing 90% silicic acid is literally pure white and smooth sand.
      In summer, colorful parasols are in full bloom, and palm trees lined up along the arcuate beach,
      We are making the tropical mood even more exciting.
    • About 10 minutes by car from Shirahamakan

      Adventure World

      Here is the only park in Japan where zoos, aquariums and amusement parks are united together, with the theme of "interaction between humans (human beings, animals and nature)", which is an unusual theme park in the whole country where animals representing nature can be viewed .
      Advance selling discount admission tickets are sold at the front desk.

      Nanki Shirahama
      Adventure World
      TEL: 0570-06-4481
    • About 5 minutes by car from Shirahamakan

      Shirahama Energy Land

      It is a facility based on the theme "People and Nature's Energy" that learns while enjoying experiences.
      Advance selling discount admission tickets are sold at the front desk.

      Shirahama Energy Land
      TEL: 0739-43-2666
    • About 10 minutes by car from Shirahamakan


      The symbol of Shirahama.In the small island of east and west 10 M, north and south 65 M, this name was attached because there is a round sea cave in the middle of the island.
    • About 5 minutes by car from Shirahamakan

      Heisogen Park

      Shirahama Onsen Town park on a hill overlooking Shirahama Onsen Town. You can enjoy various flowers every season.
      2000 cherry blossoms are the only cherry blossoms in the Northern part of Japan, and many cherry blossoms are crowded at the cherry blossom viewing season.
      Also, a field athletic course with a total length of 2 km is built along the outer circumference.
    • About 5 minutes by car from Shirahamakan


      Senjojiki, as its name suggests, is a large bedrock that reminds me of a wide rock formation.
      Setozaki white soft rock that slopes from the tip of Setozaki towards the Pacific Ocean is a large rock consisting of the sandstones of the Third Era, eroded by the rough waves to create a magnificent landscape.
    • About 5 minutes by car from Shirahamakan


      A cliff with a height of 50 meters standing on the southern coast of Senjojiki.
      In the old days, this rock wall, which is said to originate from a "Midan" where fishermen watched a ship and a group of fish, Midan over 2 kilometers north and south, and the dynamic sunshine hitting the rocky skin collides violently, I can not help feeling the power of nature.
    • About 15 minutes by car from Shirahamakan

      Minakata Kumagusu Museum

      A natural and folklore giant, “Minakata Kumagusu”, born in Wakayama Prefecture.
      It is a memorial hall that preserves and displays literature, specimens, and relics of Kumagusu who surprised the world with "Minakata" in Japan.

      Viewing time:9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
      closing day:Every Thursday
      (It is open from 7/20 to 8/31)
      Free Parking:Present
      Admission fee:Adult 400 yen, Elementary and secondary school student 200 yen(Group discount of 20 people or more)
    • About 20 minutes by car from Shirahamakan

      Toretore Market

      It is the largest seafood market in West Nippon Shirahamacho, Wakayama Prefecture, Shirahamacho, Wakayama Prefecture.
      We have a parking lot boasting a total area of ​​15,000 tsubo, a bus of 70 cars and a regular car of 777, we sell a variety of fishes and shellfishes and colorful special products of Wakayama every season in Japan.
      There is a huge aquarium similar to an aquarium, and at the tuna corner it sells raw tuna on the spot on the spot.

      Katata Fishery Association
      TEL: 0739-42-1010
      Opening Hours:
      8:30 in the morning to 6:30 in the evening
      Holidays Information on the website