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1379 Shirarahama, Shirahama Town, Nishimuro County, Wakayama Prefecture

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About 20 minutes by car from Hanwa Expressway Nanki Tanabe IC, about 10 minutes by taxi from JR Kinokuni Line Shirahama Station / Shirahama Airport

Information on traffic access

Questions about sightseeing, transportation access etc concerning accommodation plan and accommodation contents,
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, please contact us from the following inquiry form.
  • By Airplane

    ○Tokyo (Haneda Airport)「JAL / 60 min(2 flights / 3 flights daily)", Nanki–Shirahama Airport
    ◆10 minutes by taxi from Nanki–Shirahama Airport to Shirahamakan
    15 minutes by bus bus, get off at "Shirahama Bus Center" 1 minute walk
  • on the train

    ○Kyoto, "JR Kinokuni Line straight line about 2 hours 35 minutes", Shirahama
    ○Shin-Osaka, "JR Kinokuni Line straight about 2 hours 10 minutes", Shirahama
    ○Tennoji, "JR Kinokuni Line straight about 1 hour 50 minutes", Shirahama
    ◆10 minutes by taxi from Shirahama Station to Shirahamakan
    15 minutes by local bus from Shirahama Station
    Take the route bus (Meiko Bus) "for Sandan Beki" or "Within Town Circulation line"
    Get off at "Shirarahama" 1 minute on foot

    ●Free shuttle bus service from Shirahama Station (Management·Shirahama Hot Springs Ryokan Association)
    Hours of operation, (2013/03/16 Revision)
     13:50 departure/From 15:00/From 16:00/From 17:00, Total 4
    30 minutes to Shirahamakan (via union member hotels
    ※For more information,※Shirahama Hot Springs Ryokan Association will open.

    ◇Hineno, "JR Kinokuni Line straight about 1 hour 30 minutes", Shirahama
    ◆Kansai International Airport<JR Kansai International Airport straight line approximately 15 minutes>
     ※Transfer to JR Kinokuni Line in Hineno
    ◇Shingu, "JR Kinokuni Line straight about 1 hour 30 minutes", Shirahama
    ◆Nagoya, "About JR Kisei Main Line line approximately 3 hours" (Transfer to JR Kinokuni Line)
  • On a high-speed bus

    ◇Osaka "About 3 hours"Shirahama / Shirahama(Bus center)

    ◆All-seat reservation system, Meiko Bus telephone reservation center, 0739-42-2112
    (Business hours 9:00 to 18:00)
  • With my car

    ◇Meishin Expressway → Suita JCT → Kinki Expressway → Matsubara JCT
    ◇Hanshin Expressway Road → Higashi-osaka JCT → Kinki Expressway → Matsubara JCT

    Matsubara JCT"About 1 hour 50 minutes"Hanwa Expressway Nanki Tanabe IC

    Nanki Tanabe IC,
     Follow the signs to Route 42 Tanabe / Shingu (straight ahead)
     Tanabe City "Tazu" In front of the intersection to the left lane "Shirahama Direction"

    Tazu Intersection to Nanki Shirahama Airport Line / Prefectural Route 33
     ※Continue directly to the road that you see in front
     Turn left at the “Sanbashi Intersection and go to “Prefectural Route 31” (Continue straight)
     Turn left at the roundabout (straight ahead)

    As you go about 300 meters,
     You can see the white building of "Shirahamakan" on the left side.
  • ●If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Hotel Shirahamakan, reservation center, 0739-43-5151