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  2. Seasonal Kaiseki cuisine

Seasonal Kaiseki cuisine

Seasonal ingredients that used plenty of seafood and mountaineering

We will use the seasonal ingredients carefully selected by the chief chef, dinner for the kaiseki cuisine, breakfast for the Japanese set menu.
We are waiting for your coming with skillful craftsmen 's skill and staff' s attentive hospitality.
  • Seasonal Kaiseki cuisine

    Kishu Kaitsu cuisine with seafood and mountain foods at its disposal centering on Kinzu's ingredients condenses the taste of the season and the color of appearance is also vivid.We will offer you the food of the kaiseki cuisine that you are satisfied with.
  • Que dishes

    Phantom fish Que's cuisine cuisine, when put in a pot moderately fat drops, the body is a pale white taste, but the dashi emerging from it is rich, and the taste of the ingredients other than Qu is also extracted with Gun.Quen's exquisite cuisine is also a texture of gelatin that contains plenty of natural collagen.
  • Shirahamakan specialty boiled rice

    Shirahamakan specialty dish "Kamui", the ingredients will change according to the season.
    Please ride plenty of seasonal ingredients on hot-dinner rice and eat deliciousness that taste striking taste to the bottom of the kettle happily.

    In addition to the above cuisine, you will also prepare cuisine for children and bespoke cuisine.